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To add value to people, cities and the environment while choosing our designs to be realized with the most suitable materials and technology.


To meet current needs by establishing a relationship with the vast historical architectural heritage with contemporary and original designs.


While realizing our projects, our goal is to create monumental works with original designs, based on local architecture, without compromising on aesthetic values and in a size that will meet the needs respectful to the environment and people.

Mila Architecture

Mila Architecture & Construction started its project services in Istanbul in 1983 by Mehmet Osmanlıoğlu. Since 1995, our company has been renewed and strengthened with its experienced project and construction group and has undertaken the design, implementation and consultancy of many pioneering and artistic projects in its field.

Mila Architecture & Construction is an architectural and construction firm that focuses on developing artistic architectural structures, complexes and urban designs. Our group, which has covered great distances in a short time as a result of the high ideal it has aimed since its establishment, has successfully realized its projects in a timely, complete and trouble-free manner, keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront, without leaving the principle of seriousness and honesty.

Mila Architecture & Construction has reached an organizational structure that provides a holistic service by providing solution partnerships with different disciplines in order to respond to customer needs with designs of different qualities and sizes, from the idea stage to the delivery of work. Our architectural team, which stands out with its strong staff and artistic competence; provides project services aiming to approach perfection with mechanical and electrical engineering, landscape and interior architecture groups that produce joint solutions.

Mila Architecture & Construction; With its 42 years of work experience, Mila projects monumental structures of different qualities in the country and abroad. Recently, it has been continuing the projects and applications of monumental works such as Mosques, Complexes, Seljuk Houses, Traditional Turkish Housing Architecture, Mausoleum, Plugged City Gates, Cultural Center, Square and Clock Tower with contemporary and original solutions based on Seljuk-Ottoman Architecture.